Questions about harm-reduction in terms of IQ reduction and bimbofication. And personal help needed for the feeling of regaining my “intelligence”.

Hello! I need help. My question is with this. I know hypnosis, mindlessness, and bimbofication all exist in the realm of kink. I know this now, but when I first started playing with it I lived more in the myth of behaviour modification is or, in this context can be real. And at first I […]

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Hypnotists earnings

Am not expecting anyone to confirm what they actually earn but any full or part time hypnotists here what is your ball park figure per year or what do you generally charge per session Thanks! submitted by /u/Balsampilot [link] [comments]

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Best place to find audios

What’s the place to find the best hypnosis audios ? submitted by /u/Trtguy20 [link] [comments]

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Unpopular opinion: It’s deceptive to say that everyone can be hypnotized

We’ve all heard hypnotists say that everyone can be hypnotized. The statement is presented as absolute truth, and many of the hypnotists saying it believe it to be absolute truth. But the statement is problematic for several reasons. It’s unprovable The only way to know for sure that everyone can be hypnotized is to actually […]

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Hypnotherapist: Have you ever been working to recover lost memories and uncovered traumas too horrific to relay to your client? What is the worst you’ve encountered? Are there any subjects you have to refuse to delve deeper into?

Recently heard someone say they went to recover lost time through hypnosis, and awoke to their therapist frantically rushing them out telling them to never come back. Why would that happen? submitted by /u/Ariel303 [link] [comments]

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Has the NGH repealed its in-person training hours requirement?

This came up on another thread. I couldn’t find anything about a repeal on the website. Any insight? submitted by /u/prettypattern [link] [comments]

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My triggers and effects

I’ve been hypnotised in the past and I’ve come to rediscover my quite blatant triggers, pm me if you want to know about it submitted by /u/Calico-18 [link] [comments]

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What should I do if I want to be hypnotized

I’ve always thought the concept was interesting but I’ve never been able to stay calm enough while watching/listening to an audio file to really go into trance. I was wondering if anyone else uses audio files and if they have any tips for me to be able to fall into trance. submitted by /u/KrazedKhemical [link] […]

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Don’t know if anyone else is in the same boat, but whenever hypnosis gets brought up, I feel… weird.

Anyone else feel the same? I’m confused why I feel like this… submitted by /u/HipJesus64 [link] [comments]

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Would this work as a means of keeping someone concentrated

So there’s an anime called Tokyo Ghoul. In that anime there’s a character that tortures people but he tells them to keep counting 1000-7 until they get to zero. So would that work to get someone into trance or smt? submitted by /u/Zuki_Bloodthorn [link] [comments]

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