Hypnosis – Tea With Nimja

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Best Courses for Hypnotherapy?

I’ve had courses recommended to me for general hypnosis. But what about hypnotherapy? submitted by /u/babble_tongue [link] [comments]

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RE: The thread /u/tisdaniel created

I removed the post. I want to say that for most things on this sub I do nothing more than periodically remove posts, ban obvious trolls, and point out blatent misinformation. I want to say that while I am typically laissez-faire with moderation I take it seriously when I do have to get involved. I […]

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So let’s put this to rest.

So there is a discussion / difference of opinion between the moderator tist_daniel and myself regarding the formation of long term memories in children. Tist_daniel believes that a child of 2 has a 50% chance as an adult (anyone past the age of 22) of recalling his long term memories of events that occurred when […]

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Hey everyone. I’m one of the mods here. I know I can be a pretty unpleasant person. I’m one of those annoying know-it-alls who has an answer for everything, and insists on giving it. For what it’s worth, I don’t ban people because they criticize me. I really hate when mods do that. If I’m […]

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Recommended sources for learning online?

I’m looking for legitimate places to learn online? Either a class, book, or reference . This is specifically for BDSM but I’m just looking to learn the basics. submitted by /u/leahmarie0504 [link] [comments]

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Changing mind set

So My friends mum is going to hypnotise me to have a growth mind set cuz I’m pretty sure I have a fixed one after the session is there anything I should be doing or will it just click and done? submitted by /u/ProGenji1 [link] [comments]

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can hypnosis really be used to help someone be inspired? or create positive feelings for something you used to enjoy?

i.. i feel this is really important, to me at least, years ago i used to be able to just close my eyes and just lose myself in the world of my imagination/inner thoughts. i had so much fun back then creating characters, plots, etc in my mind but sadly stress in my life caused […]

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Anyone have experience with Hypnosis curing their fear of flying in airplanes or heights in general?

I have an appointment tomorrow with a reputable hypnotherapist and it’s for my fear of heights / planes. I’m such a skeptic although I’ve heard it can work magic. Anyone have first-hand experience in the matter? submitted by /u/WiildCard [link] [comments]

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freaking myself out of hypnosis

Last night I put on a youtube hypnosis video thinking it was really just going to be the same as a meditation session, however I soon found myself in a state of hypnosis that I had never experienced before, it was really idk i felt like I could access my whole mind. As soon as […]

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