Do Female Hypnotists that are into guys exist?

This kind of thing has always interested me from the sub side but it seems like there’s a very heavy amount of male Hypnotists to the very small amount of Female ones, and when I do hear about of see stuff involving Female Hypnotists they’re into other girls. I’d love to hear about it if […]

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Has anybody ever heard a voice doing parts therapy? Ideomotor signals

Shortversion, I freaked myself out, i was doing this at night On myself I got finger signals, Then asked for a part n before i finished the sentence my whole right arm got taken, inst of just a finger. It was around the mouse (i had questions prepared on wordpad) I heard a voice in […]

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Whole body numb after hypnosis/meditation

So I’ve been struggling a lot recently with stress and anxiety so I decided to give hypnosis/meditation a try. I watched a hypnosis video the other night and it was fine. Great actually. I tried it again last night with a new video and I just got this weird uncomfortable feeling while doing it, so […]

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I want to learn hypnosis. Where to start?

Suggest me i really want to be a hypnotist and will help people with hypnosis. I am a begineer please tell me the first thing in hypnosis? submitted by /u/shubh1111 [link] [comments]

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differences between hypnotic trance and hypnagogic and hypnopompic states

The hypnopompic state (or hypnopompia) is the state of consciousness leading out of sleep hypnagogic state is the state immediately before falling asleep so what are the similarities ? is the subject also as suggestible in these states as in hypnotic trance ? submitted by /u/salehrayan246 [link] [comments]

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Self Hypnosis courses suggestions

Hi, I am new to hypnosis. I am learning hypnosis just to improve my self and not for professional purposes. My goal is to master self hypnosis so that I can hypnotize myself in few mins. I read a book about it but I just can’t hypnotize myself. I just can’t enter trance. There is […]

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physical signs of Somnambulistic state in Hypnosis

what are the physical signs of entering deep hypnosis or somnambulism which we can spot? to know if our subject has gone into a suggestible state. submitted by /u/salehrayan246 [link] [comments]

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Is it possible to become addicted to being hypnotized? If so, how can it be undone or prevented?

Hi all, this has been been eating at me for a while. I am one of those very few people who can be brought into a very deep trance with little to no effort. I had my first experiences with hypnosis when a very good friend of mine said that he was fascinated by hypnosis […]

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Your failure to success journey in Hypnosis

I’d love to know fellow hypnotists who are now successfully able to hypnotize the subject. How was your experience when you got started? How did you improve and become successful? What failed you? How you handled failures? Some tips and stories around your initial journey would indeed help to novice hypnotist like us to improve. […]

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Anyone have any good erotic files

Anyone have any porn based hypno if so dm me submitted by /u/oli_r_18 [link] [comments]

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