May 2020


Do anyone know where to find forced memory erasing?

I’ve been into nlp and hypnosis for 14 years. mostly to battle my ocd, depression, and self esteem issues from years of cult abuse. When my dad passed away, I did a few sessions to forget him. I know that sounds a little messed up but I have my own family now and it was […]

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Handwashing Associations

Hi, I programmed myself to feel like I’m at the beach when I’m washing my hands with an NLP swish. It only took two times and gets reinforced each time. Now I catch myself from spending too much time doing it now lol. Anyone want to write down a similar tool that people who don’t […]

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Hypnosis – Puzzling Prison – Nimja Live – June 2020

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Looking for a hypnotist

I want to be hypnotized to further my transition I can hire please message submitted by /u/youknowwhat566 [link] [comments]

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Self Hypnosis Question

Hello. I’m trying to reorganize my subconscious, mostly to obtain things like better motor functions and focus. Is this viable? If yes, how do I most effectively do it on my own (I’m a broke teenager). If no, how should I? submitted by /u/Lord_Ice5 [link] [comments]

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Hypnosis and a Mind Palace???

I’m just wondering if anyone has ever had something like this happen to them or someone they know. I took a beginning psychology class in my first year at college, and we begged the teacher to do a group hypnosis on us. It was pretty generic from what I remember. Relax. Imagine a staircase. Count […]

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I need a hypnotist to talk to

Is there any hypnotist that I can ask questions to submitted by /u/IDewNothing30 [link] [comments]

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Daydreaming relation?

Just a quick question is daydreaming like a trance, where u stare off into something then only to snap back into reality and realise u were day dreaming but with your eyes closed… submitted by /u/KingErrorVI [link] [comments]

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Do hypnotic suggestions with an expiration date work?

Twenty years ago, I asked for a post-hypnotic block on a friend’s name, because he had become famous, and stopped talking to me, kind of traumatically. (The last thing he had said to me before he disappeared was, “You’re crazy, don’t contact me again.”) The hypnotherapist said that he would do a block so that […]

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First time going to hypnotherapist but was too embarrassed to ask questions

Ok, even though the guy literally could have gotten me to say pretty much anything because I was just comfortable etc, when I was “going under” I had an extreme feeling of arousal and I am not deprived by any means and I have never been very submissive in the bedroom if that makes sense. […]

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