June 2020


Update on my previous post

Suprise, I am able to be hypnotized. Thank you for all y’alls suggestions. Apparently i had to undergo some form of stealth induction but I did it Here is how it went Initially I felt my body getting heavier, then sudden I could not feel my fingers, that feeling of not feeling my finger slowly […]

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Why I believe that it is truly impossible for me to be hypnotized

It just seems like its impossible for me to enter trance. No matter how much I want to do whatever the person who is hypnotizing me I, for some reason, must do the opposite. Example, :when I am told to notice how heavy my arms are they now feel alot more lighter and controllable, almost […]

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Carleton training programme

Does anyone know or can share the Carleton skills training programme video/or the exact procedures? submitted by /u/m1k312345 [link] [comments]

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Hypnosis to Help with Schizophrenia?

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’ve taken Dan Jones’ courses and read his books. He describes psychosis as being stuck in a trance. This is similar to how it’s viewed in the Human Givens approach. Does anyone know if hypnosis has been successfully used to manage, or even cure, Schizophrenia? submitted by /u/samcro4eva [link] [comments]

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The questions are often asked, “Can I be hypnotised, and will it work on me?”

It’s a possible IF you engage hypnosis successfully a longer overtime, usually 1-2 months or more. And, refreshing a particular new pattern is also essential. Old patterns have been cultivated throughout one’s life. Thus, expectations must be similar in approaching any change whether with or without hypnosis. Stable change is gradual. Three criteria are necessary: […]

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I want to be hypnotized but nothing works

I’ve wanted to be hypnotized for some time now but I can’t seem to ever be hypnotized. Unless being hypnotized js supposed to make me feel like almost nothing is happening. Can anyone help at all? submitted by /u/That_guy616 [link] [comments]

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Might be a dumb newbie question, but

With a help of hypnosis, If you get your arms heavy, Is it going to be like you’re holding a heavy thing in your hand like you would be holding a real weight in real life If yes, then Is It possible to workout literally without any equipment, but with your mind and yourself thinking […]

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New YouTube Recording – Hypnosis for Relaxation and Stress Relief

Hi Everyone! I am clinical hypnotherapist based in the UK. I also have a YouTube channel where I upload weekly hypnosis sessions for people to share the lovely experience of hypnotherapy techniques and hypnosis for free so people can see what hypnotherapy is like. I also recently got a new microphone so the quality of […]

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Can i be hypnotized

I want to know if i can be. I might study it further submitted by /u/curious959 [link] [comments]

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Best material to learn from?

What are the best books to learn to be a hypnotist? Websites? Are there any keywords I should look for upon my research and readings? Hugely be helpful. I want to know everything and learn every aspect. submitted by /u/sithsecretwayfinder [link] [comments]

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