July 2020


Looking for Online Hypnotherapy Training

Does anyone have recommendations for good, online hypnotherapy training? Looking to take the plunge, thanks! submitted by /u/racencct [link] [comments]

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Suggestions on using (Conversational) hypnosis for verbal defense?

Ok, maybe defense is not the right word. We currently live in a very sensitive social climate. Terrible things have been happening for centuries and yes, things must change but people did not have the platforms they have now , and they dont exactly use them to bring change, but to stomp on other people, […]

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What’s the consensus on hypnosis for seduction?

Honestly, the subject makes me a bit uncomfortable. I ask because I’ve been looking through user histories here. Not to call anyone out, but several of you are active on /r/TheRedPill, /r/asktrp, /r/MensRights, /r/antifeminists, /r/FeminismStopsWhen, /r/AskTheMRAs, /r/MensLib, /r/SRSsucks, and /r/JordanPeterson. The intersection of those subs with this one is unsettling. submitted by /u/AletheiaTarot [link] [comments]

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Hypnosis during COVID?

Can hypnosis be effective even over a zoom meeting? submitted by /u/Islerothebull [link] [comments]

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New Hypnosis Recording – Guided Meditation Hypnosis for Sleep & Relaxation

Hi All, I just uploaded a new meditation hypnosis recording to help you relax and get to sleep in the evening. You can find it here . This hypnosis & meditation recording features beautiful meditation music and a light trance also. This recording will be ideal for you to help you unwind and rest at […]

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did my hypnosis about meeting my spirit guides try to take me ?

so the other night i fell asleep to a “deep sleep hypnosis for meeting your spirit guides” and i woke up at 4 am terrified & coughing. i don’t remember anything but i woke up feeling like i almost died and came back. help? submitted by /u/alivialopez [link] [comments]

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Need help finding more stuff like this…

Does anyone know any good videos that have breathing exercises and light hypnosis combined like in this example? I really like it because I cant normally concentrate long enough to do breathing exercises properly, but with this audio I managed to complete them all, and for one of the first times connect with the pleasure […]

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How much truth are there to “erotic hypno ruined my life” stories?

I’ve been reading about hypnosis for the past day or two and among the benign stories I’ve found lots of people saying they experiences with erotic hypnosis (especially that bambi one) ruined their lives, making them addicted to the files, unable to control themselves, much less intelligent, and utterly broken as a human being. I’ve […]

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musical psychedelia?

Ayo, iv’e been listening to online hypnosis videos for a little over a year, I have an idea for an induction, and i’m wondering if anyone has ever tried it before or can link to someone who has. My idea is an induction that plays before a piece of music, and all throughout the induction, […]

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How do I write an effective persuasive email to someone who can mentor me?

I’d like to email someone quite influential, who’s offering a free weekly coaching session, he’s a consultant and has done lots of seminars in different companies. I’d like to grow with him in influence, networking, and a lot of other stuff that he can help me with. The thing is I’m only 20 years old, […]

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