Fell asleep while watching hypnosis video but I’m not sure I was hypnotized

I was watching a hypnosis video on YouTube that was supposed to implant a trigger. I did fall asleep during it but I’m unsure if it was a trance or if I just slept through it. I did try the trigger when I woke up and it didn’t work. Is it possible that I fell […]

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I’ve just booked my first session and I have a few questions;

Has anyone ever tried hypnosis to fix symptoms of mental illness, specifically personality disorders, more specifically borderline personality disorder? How effective were the treatments? What was gained ? What was lost? How often are these treatments required? Does anyone have any links to real hypnosis videos that I could try first? submitted by /u/C0UNTINGW0RMSS [link] […]

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interview with Dr Dave Hill

Hey guys, I’m Ger from the awfully Irish podcast, and here’s an old interview we did with doctor dave hill the world’s greatest hypnotist! Doing what with 3 chairs?! submitted by /u/Fluffy_Barracuda3985 [link] [comments]

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Things getting worse and a timescale for change?

I’ve already messaged someone here with this question, but I thought it would be interesting to get a few more viewpoints! Last week I had an introductory session of hypnotherapy to tackle getting over an ex and improving self esteem. I felt really great on the day, then things crashed for a few days. All […]

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Is it possible to get hypnotized through a video?

Ive been watching this YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSmhk9mIATA) and halfway through I started to get worried the hypnosis could work on me. The people in the video were getting hypnotized to forget their names and who people are which freaked me out. I’m worried that by watching the video and listening to the guy hypnotizing them […]

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Awesome Hypnotic Meditation

https://youtu.be/roekNk-btzg Has anyone else tried these hypnotic meditations? Absolutely love it, it really relaxes me and I’m normally quite a ADD type of person and really struggle to relax and concentrate. The breathing parts are quite chill but really effective. I really like all of their videos, their channel has got quite a few different […]

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Any really good self-hypnosis resources?

Was hoping to look for something that helps with productivity and confidence. Usual hypnotic videos don’t really do it for me. I was hoping to find soft through recommendations till I find one that works for me personally. submitted by /u/AJ_De_Leon [link] [comments]

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Is this possible?

Admins, feel free to delete this question if you feel it qualifies as an “NSFW” topic… I’m wondering if it would be humanly possible for me to learn a technique that would hypnotise any potential partner of mine into being turned on by the same things as me sexually, so that I don’t need to […]

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So my partner have been trying to help me with my depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I try to relax and fall asleep but I always end up waking up when he starts talking. Is there any way I can relax so I don’t wake up, and how do I not feel embarrassed about him doing […]

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Mind control + Hypnosis

Join here to know more about mind control and hypnosis this server is the oldest server in discord about this topic some people might find it useful: https://discord.gg/AV7RFDU. submitted by /u/gyYiFbAbnq [link] [comments]

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