any experience learning hypnosis with Georgina Cannon?

She teaches an online course I might be interested in. submitted by /u/Lev_9 [link] [comments]

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Hypnosis and Extrasensory perception(ESP)

putting this out here for information and discussion. this information comes from the book ((Applied hypnosis: an overview)) by Benjamin Wallace 1979. note: spelling, long text ​ hypnosis and ESP With regard to the ability to learn information presented during sleep, some individuals claim (with some experimental support) that they can “pick up” sources of […]

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Struggling to accept triggers/commands in Trance

Hi guys! I’m rather new to the game of hypnosis, and though I am new, I have been working on growing my abilities both as a Subject and a Hypnotist. However I’m struggling with being given Triggers and Suggestions as a subject… as when the trigger is used, I either don’t feel the compulsion to […]

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mass hypnosis

late at night I checked outside to see if there was any ufos. clouds rolled in and I knew that it was not a good night to look out for orbs which I was seeing also another night I saw one stop mid air as this blue streak of light flashed just missing the orb. […]

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I’ve tried many hypnotists in person with no results. Looking to do Skype session

Hi As the title says, I’m tried many hypnotists in my area (5 to be exact) and have never gotten the results I’m looking for. If you’re up for a challenge and would like to do a Skype/Zoom session with me, please contact me via private message. I will explain my issue. Following the advice […]

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Where can I find videos available online?

I love hypnosis, but I generally do it for relaxation/fun more then for real reasons that would involve an actual hypnotherapist. I’m just looking for recommendations for hypnosis videos I can find online, or hypnotists I can watch online for free. I prefer videos that have a strong, desicive snap along with a “sleep” trigger, […]

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How do I become better involved in a hypnosis community?

Are there groups or forums I should know about? Events? & are there live feeds where I could watch sessions? submitted by /u/babble_tongue [link] [comments]

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What hypnosis can and cannot do

I posted this on my Patreon yesterday, I figured it might be interesting to post it here. On the one hand, I am inclined to reiterate that I don’t have all the answers because I’m just a human being in her thirties who only has limited experience. On the other hand, I am a woman […]

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Hypnosis for overcoming trauma and reassociating taste?

I was raped as a teenager. Ever since the taste of semen has triggered flashbacks and completely ruins the mood so to speak…. can hypnosis either remove these memories or change my response to something so ingrained like taste? submitted by /u/butterflywings73 [link] [comments]

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“I dont want to” [EROTIC HYPNOSIS]

So i have heard multiple times that hypnosis cant make you do what you dont want to happen/do. So if i listen to a file and it wants me to “give in” or “obey forever” i come to a weird spot. My normal like thinking process tells me that its not possible cuz i dont […]

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