What is Emotional Freedom Technique and How does it help

Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful tapping tool that can help you quickly get over your anxieties, It is a self-help technique that combines the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda Nadi studies with modern psychology. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that pressing or niddling precise meridian points on the body amends the energy blocks. Acupuncture […]

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Can I Hypnotize Myself to be better at drawing?

I’m pretty new to this stuff, so how should I do this? Also, what phrases and wording should I use? submitted by /u/AfroZero [link] [comments]

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Hypnosis – Transfixed

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Hello this is my first time posting on the subreddit , I would like some suggestions on fun hypnosis triggers to mess around with …….. submitted by /u/Tepigisflaming [link] [comments]

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Anyone have any anecdotes related to brain waves (EEG machines)?

I’ve been using a consumer quality EEG machine to just get a feel for what the different waves look like under meditation and various other states of thinking. Not sure what I’m looking for yet, but I think eventually I want some feedback for really good trance states. I think it can improve my abilities […]

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Eat more hypnosis

I am looking to gain about fifty pounds before the year ends but my appetite needs some boosting, would it be possible to get a commission done for a pre-recorded hypnosis to help with that? I can give more details via DM/PM submitted by /u/gaintogrow [link] [comments]

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Dangers of instant inductions?

Recently I heard from a “very professional” and “master” hypnotist that instant and rapid inductions only work on people who are very “hypnotizable” in the first place and that they(instant and rapid inductions) are of no use in therapy , and instant inductions can cause psychogenic shocks which will lead to PTSD or the subject […]

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If you Wanted to Make yourself really Passionate About Something 🤔

How would you accomplish that? I’ve had hit or miss with self-hypnosis. submitted by /u/CurlDaddyG [link] [comments]

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Has anyone used a confusion induction for self hypnosis?

submitted by /u/Lampz18 [link] [comments]

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Has anyone ever self hypnotized while remaining fully conscious?

? submitted by /u/Lampz18 [link] [comments]

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