Hypnosis – Losing Control

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How is guided meditation not just hypnosis?

It’s very clearly hypnosis. You listen to a speaker, become more relaxed, and allow yourself to follow suggestions. It’s just hypnotizing someone and then telling them to meditate. I’ve listened to a few “guided mediations,” and they were just inductions followed by suggestions followed by waking. Deep breaths, releasing each muscle one at a time, […]

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Hypnosis – Dripping Rainforest – Nimja Live – April 2020

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Hypnosis – Losing Your Marbles

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Hypnosis – Swing Induction

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Hypnosis – Grateful To Be Controlled

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Second Induction Attempt in Person, Successful

Greetings all, I posted last week about my first induction attempt in person. That attempt seemed at the time to have been a failure, however learned from the experience and tried again with a different subject yesterday. I started of with the subject seated on the side of his bed and gave him a cataleptic […]

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Because no one asked for it, I am a Mod of this subreddit, and I can do what I want…

I created /r/hypnosis_irl. A place where you can submit all of your hypnosis memes and shitposts. Not that those exist yet, but they well. Get on it. Go. Make memes. Lighten up. Seriously, one of the things about you hypnosis people is that you need to lighten up a bit. submitted by /u/Jake_of_all_Trades [link] [comments]

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Advertise ONLY Here Or Get Banned #4

This thread is exempt from Rule no. 1. If you have goods, services or anything else to promote, here is the place. ONLY HERE. We’ve seen a massive increase in illiterates who clearly aren’t able to read the rules. God knows how they write their own advertisements. Non-compliance is an instant ban with no appeal. […]

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LOOK HERE -> Check this thread before posting

This thread contains a list of discussions that concern recurring topics & questions. Please read up on the threads concerning your topic before posting your question. NOTE: This thread is a work in progress. Please PM me with recurring topics or questions you would like to see added. Change log * Added induction discussions 2018/2/3 […]

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