Hypnosis – Sleeping At My Feet

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No idea where to post this (NSFW)

Im not even sure how to start this post so, I’ll just jump right into it.. I’ve always been skeptical about hypnosis stuff but since a while, I’m not even sure about that anymore. I’m a straight 23M and always have been into women. But since watching these “sissy hypnosis” stuff on porn, I’m freaking […]

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Hey guys, I hope you are having a good day. I want to know if there is someone in this subreddit who does hypnosis based around leaving addictions behind, I tried many kinds of practices to leave from this thing, even hypnosis videos found on youtube, or even using my own voice in a recording […]

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New to hypnosis

Recently been watching some videos, I’m just looking for a good free source to learn a basic fast induction and anything I’ll need just to be able to entertain myself and my family, mainly hypnotising my little brother to do basic things like get stuck or forget his name. Don’t have too much money to […]

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Looking For a File/Video That Simply Brings Me Into Deep Trance And Leaves Me There for a While

Hello! I feel like this should be easy to find but I’m struggling. Basically I’ve been listening to a wide range of videos and having a great time learning about all of this, and I realized that while guided imagery and setting triggers is great in a lot of ways, I really value just time […]

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Creating a placebo pill with hypnosis?

Hi All, I recently found a really interesting article called What Happens When You Believe You’re Taking Steroids (worth a read!). In it, two groups went to the gym for a period of 11 weeks. During the final 4 weeks, half the group was given a sugar pill and told it contained anabolic steroids. Here’s […]

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Hypnosis – Tied Down Tight – Nimja Live – May 2020

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Speaking with Emotions

There was a time not long time back when I used to speak from the heart. I did not have to learn anything, did not have to work on my vocabulary (intentionally), no sentence construction. I like to read but am a reader for hobby rather than reading for a purpose. But this skill that […]

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Looking for a Guided Meditation/Hypnosis Induction

I’m trying to find the title and/or author of a guided hypnosis/meditation. I believe it was made between 2000 – 2013 (I got it in 2013). It had: a Male narrator, 20 – 30-minute duration, and had some background music. The hypnosis started by having you breathe in through your nose while visualizing the air […]

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Online hypnosis for repressed memories?

I want to remember what happened during an accident a couple years ago, I was wondering if there are any videos/mp3s or online resources for doing this? EDIT: I wanna change the title to Online/Self hypnosis for repressed memories? submitted by /u/Markishman [link] [comments]

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