Igor Ledochowski “Power of Conversational Hypnosis”

Hello i was searching around for Igor Ledochowski “Power of Conversational hypnosis” and found this website and seemed too good to be true and on the top left it says the websites no secure and was wondering if this is where people got there version or somewhere else. ​ http://conversational-hypnosis.com/?hop=zainescu submitted by /u/jimbobisland [link] [comments]

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Am I overreacting?

I met my hypnotist around a month and a half ago. We hit it off, and I’ve felt that I’ve made a lot of progress in being a better subject. I was talking to him today- he was a little drunk, so I told him I wasn’t comfortable going into trance. He tried to trance […]

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An Introductory Guide To Hypnotherapy

You can utilize the hypnotherapy guide to find out exactly how to use self hypnotherapy successfully to attain your objectives. The self hypnotherapy overview will help you to relax your subconscious mind. As soon as you have actually got unwinded mind condition then you can control your mind by offering positive ideas. Self hypnotherapy will […]

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5 Ways That Hypnosis Can Really Help You?

Hypnotherapy or Hypnotism, these words often puts, not remarkably the layman in circumstance. Stretch your imagination and we see wild photos of a Freud-like physician turning a pocket watch to as well as fro in front of somebody in deep psychological problem? Hypnotherapy, on the contrary, is for all of us the common people. As […]

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Hypnosis – Ball Of Yarn

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Can Hypnosis Help my Difficulty Waking?

Hello! Hoping to get some advice from the hypnosis community. I do not practice hypnosis and I have never been hypnotized, but know a bit about it. Wondering if I should pursue it in effort to solve this habitual problem I have. Details here: I’m a pretty well-disciplined person and have developed many good habits. […]

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Hypnosis to move on from a past relationship

Hey guys, My last relationship ended very, very badly. It’s been 9 months and I’ve had trouble moving on from my ex of 4 years. I have intrusive thoughts about it every day, about the good and bad times, everything. It gives me anxiety, sadness, and anger sometimes. I’m mostly upset at how I was […]

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Weed whilst doing hypnosis

So I’m curious will weed help me go into trance? Some of you may recognize me from the can’t get triggers post, iv been curious about this topic for a while and if this does help me go under what should I use I’m a bit of a novice at using weed but Iv wanted […]

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Severe migraine when exiting trance?

Whenever I exit trance I get this unexplainable splitting headache, can someone explain how to fix this or why it is caused? submitted by /u/Collarbonelover [link] [comments]

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Firs attempt at the Elman Induction.

Greetings everyone. I am new to hypnosis. I met a guy on a dating app who was really into it and became interested. He put me in touch with an experienced tist who who hypnotized me, allowed me to watch hypnotisms and started teaching techniques all remotely over skype. I was really impressed with the […]

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