How is guided meditation not just hypnosis?

It’s very clearly hypnosis. You listen to a speaker, become more relaxed, and allow yourself to follow suggestions. It’s just hypnotizing someone and then telling them to meditate.

I’ve listened to a few “guided mediations,” and they were just inductions followed by suggestions followed by waking. Deep breaths, releasing each muscle one at a time, counting down from ten, visualizing yourself in a calm place, paying complete attention to the speaker and their voice, feeling warm and relaxed with a slight smile. Textbook induction. Then a visual metaphor of some desired change, some NLP affirmations, and waking. It’s textbook hypnosis.

So gang, do you think it’s people just not not knowing, or purposeful deceit? Meditation and hypnosis are diametrically opposite in almost every way. Pretending hypnosis audio files are “guided meditations” is extremely confusing and misleading to anyone trying to learn to meditate.

Obviously hypnosis has huge potential to be used to manipulate people, which is an even bigger problem, especially since just by calling it a “guided meditation” instead of hypnosis you’ve already established that you are either misinformed or lying, and either way shouldn’t be trusted as a hypnotist.

I’m sure a lot of it is good natured and still helps people a lot, and it’s just a result of there not being an easy way to learn about mediation and hypnosis. On the other hand, you have transcendental “meditation” which is an obviously malicious cult setup which also uses hypnosis disguised as meditation.

I both meditate and hypnotize myself regularly; I’m not attacking hypnosis. I am fighting against ignorance, deceit, and manipulation, which are obstacles for all of us.

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