Hypnosis to become more tidy/clean/orderly

I am wondering if this type of hypnosis could really work well on a long term.

Mainly because being tidy vs. messy is a part of someone’s personality and constantly tidying up and being organized requires expediture of energy… and for a messy person conservation of energy is important and they spend it on things they consider higher priorities, such as studying, reading, playing games, or whatever else, rather than mudane job of cleaning and decluttering. Because let’s be honest cleaning is a chore. It’s not intrinsically fun.

Tidy people have a low tolerance for mess, they feel irritated by it, and they clean all the time without even trying, because this is their personality trait.

Messy people thrive in mess… they can make sense of it, and instead of cleaning the mess they focus on their other priorities. They can be otherwise quite successful people.

But then the time comes when their mess becomes a problem for them as well. It can be because of other people complaining, or perhaps because certain social functions require higher level of self care, etc… Perhaps being untidy can be a symptom of low motivation or even depression. Perhaps it could be a symptom of not really caring about what impression you leave on others. Not fighting too hard to maintain reputation (which is quite easy in case when you don’t have that much of reputation to begin with, like people on low pay jobs, etc…)

I am wondering if hypnosis can turn a messy person, into a very tidy, clean and well organized person?

On the surface it might not seem that difficult. But I think it’s much more difficult than quit smoking or weight loss hypnosis, because unlike them – tidiness or lack thereof is a personality trait that affects ones behavior in so many areas, and it’s not just a simple thing like whether you do smoke or not… Tidiness behaviors include a very long list of specific tasks that you need to do, habits you need to have, and also it requires a lot of consistency if you are to be considered a truly tidy person.

Right now I am at the point where I would like to become more tidy, but I am also somewhat afraid of “losing myself” in the process… I have personal reasons why I want to be more tidy. But I am kind of wary of the idea of fundamentally changing my personality.

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