I am using subliminals for several hours a day to help me with anxiety and so I can get a new job. Is hearing a ringing sound normal?

So I think I have tinnitus and here’s the thing

I feel like the longer I listen to the subliminal messaging for (which may be a form of hypnosis), the longer the ringing stays in my ear.

I’m wondering if anybody else has dealt with this in their journey with hypnosis?

Subliminals are just audios at high frequency that penetrate your subconscious rather than your conscious mind. It gives your subconscious mind something new to consider (if you’re still not sure you can youtube Akuo’s what are subliminals video). I found some where that they are considered a form of hypnosis so I thought I’d come ask here too about it since I’m getting conflicting information as to whether its harmful or not to listen to these audio files for more than an hour a day.

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Are discussions about hypnosis for entertainment (mentalism) allowed or am I in the wrong sub?

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