Can hypnosis be brainwashing

Could hypnosis be used maliciously and have you brain washed and programmed. Would there be a way to break the programming you have undergone submitted by /u/hiimpaulllll [link] [comments]

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The stage hypnotist and the off-duty cop

I was just reading this post by Don Gibbons, and he says: In order to make its case that hypnosis could be used to compel behavior, the prosecution had pointed to an incident in eastern Europe several decades earlier, in which a stage hypnotist had handed a man a pistol loaded with blanks and commanded […]

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Raynaud’s and hypnosis any ideas?

Dear fellow hypnotists I am learning all about hypnosis and already finding it helping me in many areas both personally and professionally. I wonder though, I suffer with Raynaud’s (poor circulation that results in white fingertips and very cold fingers). Does anyone have any experience or tips how I may go about tackling this issue […]

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Polen Allergies Hypnose

Does anyone has ever attempted to cure Polen allergies with Hypnose? If it worked, does anyone have a template? submitted by /u/portwogal [link] [comments]

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Hypnosis to become more tidy/clean/orderly

I am wondering if this type of hypnosis could really work well on a long term. Mainly because being tidy vs. messy is a part of someone’s personality and constantly tidying up and being organized requires expediture of energy… and for a messy person conservation of energy is important and they spend it on things […]

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Hypnosis – Cat And Mouse – Nimja Live – March 2020

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Hypnosis – Bubble Transformation

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Hypnosis – Recovery Capsule

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Hypnosis – Moving Deeper Again

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Hypnosis – Instant Comfort

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