Headaches from Trance

My partner often get headaches from going into trance and I just wanted to hear if any other subjects have had the same problem, and if so, what did you do that helped? Many thanks for any and all answers! c: submitted by /u/Laydee_Lollipop [link] [comments]

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David lion programs

Hi does some one here is having one of his programs? submitted by /u/ozar13557 [link] [comments]

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What is bambi sleep

Ive heard of this file from multiple, fearfull posts, of peaple saying it ruined there life. Does anyone have a description of the file and its contents submitted by /u/humanbeanbroth [link] [comments]

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Is it possible to learn hypnosis using only online course?

is it submitted by /u/ozar13557 [link] [comments]

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Question about non binary and terms for them

In relation to triggers and what not usually one I will say is good boy / good girl but today was the first time I had with someone identifying as non binary The session went well and they let me know after the experience was enjoyable and they understood that it was a mistake but […]

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(Looking for ) Programs recommendation about getting hypnotize voice

Hi i am looking for programs recommendations for getting control of my voice in order to get people attentive. And use voice to convey emotions to people by storytelling… submitted by /u/ozar13557 [link] [comments]

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Website to find people for hypnotherapy

Is there a website I can post to that tell people what I am looking for as far as hypnotherapy that can help me rewire my brain and fix it ? submitted by /u/Trtguy20 [link] [comments]

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Help I need to find him!! He is an Omegle hypnotist! He has a British accent and never shows his face!

I have videos if needed! I need his social handles cause my laptop died before he could finish my hypnosis. My friend had to shake me awake. I need him to finish my hypnosis. If you happen to see this hypnotist, I’m Morgan. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! submitted by /u/sanae_riye [link] [comments]

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Simpson Protocol

Thanks to a friendly redditor who introduced me to the idea of the Simpson protocol I am posting here again, last time I just wanted to know if hypnotherapy could help me with my chronic depersonalization disorder, OCD, BDD and depression. Has anyone of you have experiences with this method that seems to have miraculous […]

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That time an amateur teenage hypnotist visited our church

In the Catholic religion we have to be confirmed to be fully Catholic. Typically this happens around 13 or 14. During the boot camp that we had to do in order to be confirmed, there was a 17 year old volunteer that made us do a hypnosis session. We all thought it was weird, but […]

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