Can i video call with a hypnotist ?

Hi there wonderful people, i want to know if i can i video call with a hypnotist ? Or has the hypnotist in the same room as me ? the operation will be to place a couple tiggers in my consciousness submitted by /u/josbos33 [link] [comments]

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Psychic/astral senses/abilities by Hypnosis

Hey there wonderful person, I want to know if hypnosis can cause Psychic abilities, mainly clairvoyance and clairaudience. this is what i found on a forum: All of these abilities are byproducts of hypnosis; they’re known as hypnotic phenomena 12. These abilities manifest automatically at different trance levels, and can be developed to conscious use […]

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Hypnotized against my will, how could this trigger real life hallucinations and delusions..???

I really would like thoughts on this and want to know if it’s possible these people could have planted suggestions within me Wich could still be activated and would make me go into a state of trance in which I can just be worked or forget everything. So my story is that I am a […]

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Hypnosis – Tea With Nimja

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Best Courses for Hypnotherapy?

I’ve had courses recommended to me for general hypnosis. But what about hypnotherapy? submitted by /u/babble_tongue [link] [comments]

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RE: The thread /u/tisdaniel created

I removed the post. I want to say that for most things on this sub I do nothing more than periodically remove posts, ban obvious trolls, and point out blatent misinformation. I want to say that while I am typically laissez-faire with moderation I take it seriously when I do have to get involved. I […]

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So let’s put this to rest.

So there is a discussion / difference of opinion between the moderator tist_daniel and myself regarding the formation of long term memories in children. Tist_daniel believes that a child of 2 has a 50% chance as an adult (anyone past the age of 22) of recalling his long term memories of events that occurred when […]

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Hey everyone. I’m one of the mods here. I know I can be a pretty unpleasant person. I’m one of those annoying know-it-alls who has an answer for everything, and insists on giving it. For what it’s worth, I don’t ban people because they criticize me. I really hate when mods do that. If I’m […]

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Recommended sources for learning online?

I’m looking for legitimate places to learn online? Either a class, book, or reference . This is specifically for BDSM but I’m just looking to learn the basics. submitted by /u/leahmarie0504 [link] [comments]

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Changing mind set

So My friends mum is going to hypnotise me to have a growth mind set cuz I’m pretty sure I have a fixed one after the session is there anything I should be doing or will it just click and done? submitted by /u/ProGenji1 [link] [comments]

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