Raising Prices of Professional Practice

I am going back to finish my senior year of college, and am working a paid internship. I have had a successful hypnosis practice for about a year. I have less time now, and more experience so I am looking to raise my prices. I want to do so in a professional and fair manner, so I am looking for insight from other professionals.

I was very generous in my pricing, because I was just getting started. I wanted to share my ability with the world and make it accessible, but now I am looking to protect my time and energy.

This is what my pricing was before

Introduction session 100$

Advanced session 150$

And I would include a 75$ discount with the promise of an honest review. And this worked amazing because then people could try hypnosis for 25$ and I got a plethora of positive reviews which kickstarted my business.

I am not a licensed therapist YET, but I am a certified hypnotist. So I wanted to make my services affordable because people can’t pay me with insurance yet. Those 25$ sessions and a review are getting draining now, and I am giving myself relevant experiences by finishing my degree and doing this internship.

My office rent is only 115$ a month because I share it with the woman who trained me so I’m fortunate. It’s more I have to take clients on weeknights and weekends when I’m not at school or work, and that time is valuable to me. I love hypnosis because it provides me time in which I schedule relaxation, but there is a amount of work that goes into preparing each session.

I guess my question is more aimed to professional hypnotherapists who have made the leap from just getting started to high ticket clients. How do I change my business model to a more fruitful position?

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