Second Induction Attempt in Person, Successful

Greetings all, I posted last week about my first induction attempt in person. That attempt seemed at the time to have been a failure, however learned from the experience and tried again with a different subject yesterday.

I started of with the subject seated on the side of his bed and gave him a cataleptic arm. He seemed pretty relaxed by he sort of just sat there a while and my suggestions to relax further and slump down didnt seem to have any effect. I tried the eye flutter test, which he failed so I just played it cool and had him lay down. From there I did alot of floating down a deep still cave deeper and deeper. May have been some overkill here but he seemed relaxed and focused so just ran with it.

I then tried the balloon test on the left arm, the one nearest me that I could observe best. I couldn’t see any movement as I suggested it floating and getting lighter. So I had him descend into a deeper cave and relax more. Once he settled on the soft bottom (not that it mattered but the first cave had a sand bottom but this lower one was clay). I tried to say he was sinking into the clay and could feel his arms being pressed against his sides. I didnt see any change at all, and was starting to get a little frustrated. Seriously considered giving up but he didnt seem to be in a hurry so decided to keep going.

I tried the balloon, floating arm test a second time. At first nothing…….but then after a minute or two there was the slightest movement. His had went up maybe a single mm. I so kept suggesting how he could feel it lightening and floating more and more. Very very slowly it did, and never very far but eventually his entire hand was in the air, if only a little above the bed. I then “cut” the balloon string and it dropped down. I figured if he was going to “fake” it or just comply he would have raised his arm farther and more obviously so at this point I was confident he was entranced and suggestible. I repeated the eye test which he now passed (in fact I saw no movement and figured it might have actually fallen asleep). However I woke him up and asked him how he felt. He was actually really unclear about what had just happened and had very limited recall. I sat him up and then counted down “321 Sleep/snap” and he collapsed back.

From then on it was easy. He followed suggestions very well for the duration including during several conversations in a waking state, that transitioned back into trances from verbal suggestions. When it was over I had him remember everything but I think it took some time. I left and he messaged later to say he really enjoyed it and wanted to do it again soon!

I’m happy that it was successfull however I wish I could do the rapid inductions. I’ve only tried them twice but it just feels like I dont have them precise enough to have a high probability of success, while the longer inductions seem much more likely to work, they are very very tedius (though still relaxing I suppose).

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