The questions are often asked, “Can I be hypnotised, and will it work on me?”

It’s a possible IF you engage hypnosis successfully a longer overtime, usually 1-2 months or more. And, refreshing a particular new pattern is also essential. Old patterns have been cultivated throughout one’s life. Thus, expectations must be similar in approaching any change whether with or without hypnosis. Stable change is gradual.

Three criteria are necessary: Imagination being engaged, a deliberate willingness to work the methods and receptivity to the process. It takes time, patience and multiple sessions. Like anything, it’s not whether it works, it’s whether you work with it, similar to any health related matter.

hypnosis is not a quick fix given the patterns in the mind being addressed have taken years, or decades to develop and/or be sustained. After the first session, new suggestions and intentions have been shown to fade gradually in the first 48 hours. Thus, they must be refreshed repeatedly over one or more months. Most people mistakenly desire a minute rice, quick fix. This is unrealistic based on human development.

A change in the mind takes time, repetition and using a long term approach.

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