Things getting worse and a timescale for change?

I’ve already messaged someone here with this question, but I thought it would be interesting to get a few more viewpoints!

Last week I had an introductory session of hypnotherapy to tackle getting over an ex and improving self esteem. I felt really great on the day, then things crashed for a few days. All of a sudden I felt things getting better inexplicably.

This week I had a more in depth session targeting my low self esteem, self concept etc (looking at how low self esteem might be the reason I can’t move on). It felt a lot deeper and more invasive than the first, and I awoke feeling very emotional but better, if that makes sense. During the session my hypnotherapist guided my subconscious mind to consider how long the changes might take, and I came up with 15 days pretty naturally. So, my next session is booked for 16 days from then.

Like last time I’m feeling myself crashing and feeling just as I did before hypnotherapy.

My question is, is it common for things to remain the same/get worse before they suddenly improve, or is something wrong with how I’ve reacted to hypnotherapy? Despite last time improving, I’m still worried I won’t get better again from this more in depth session.

My second question is why does the subconscious mind need time to be as it was before, before it makes the changes asked of it?

Thank you!

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