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Suprise, I am able to be hypnotized. Thank you for all y’alls suggestions. Apparently i had to undergo some form of stealth induction but I did it

Here is how it went Initially I felt my body getting heavier, then sudden I could not feel my fingers, that feeling of not feeling my finger slowly crept up my arm until it reached my shoulder. I felt like my mind was being pushed aside for lack of a better explanation a headmate/tupla like entity and it took control of my body. there my mind was present, but I could not speak and only watch as the tupla/headmate like entity followed the instructions of the hypnositist.

Eventually while I was getting out of hypnosis it felt like the tupla/headmate slowly disappeared and I regained control of my body

I loved it, It felt great to finally not be able to say anything in my own head. Especially due to my intrusive thoughts issues. I also could grasp exactly how big the “land of antipsychotics ” was in my previous posts

Thank you

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