What will happen when one doing Self Hypnosis While taken Mushrooms


I wonder if any of you guys knows what will happen if i do Self hypnosis while under the influence of psychoactive & psychedelic mushrooms ? A light dose, medium and a strong dose.

I would imagine because my consciousnesses is in a not ordinary state. and than by that i,m more receptive for suggestions. because i heard that when somebody have taken mushrooms he is more receptive for suggestion not hypnosis related though.
I my self had such experience with ayahuasca. it contains alkaloids that 98%
are the same as the alkaloids from mushrooms plus Ayahuasca contains harmala alkaloids, because ayahuasca is a brew of 2 or more plants, Banisteriopsis (Harmeline.Harmine,Tetrahydroharmine) and Chacruna (DMT)

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